Danijel Trajković Viola

Les dimanches musicaux
Date: 1 novembre 2020 15:00

Lieu: American Cathedral in Paris

Danijel Trajkovic was born on November 30, 1999 in Leskovac, Serbia. He is currently a second-year undergraduate student majoring in viola at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo. He started his music education in 2008 on violin and on advice, switched to viola in 2011. He held his first solo concert in 2014 in his hometown. During his schooling he achieved numerous results: International String Competition in Nis (I prize), Republic String Competition (II prize), Republic Competition Association of Music Educators of Serbia (I and III Prize), Republic Chamber Duo Competition (I Prize). He has performed as a soloist several times with hometown orchestras. During his studies, he continued to perform in Bosnia with chamber ensembles, orchestras and as a soloist. In February 2020, he was invited to hold a series of solo concerts in Latvia (Riga, Valdemarpils, Talsi and Jurmala) and in March 2020 he hold two solo concerts in South Serbia (Leskovac and Vranje).


. J.S.Bach cello suite transcript for viola no. 2 in D minor
 Prelude • Allemande • Courante • Sarabande • Minuet I and II • Gigue

Martin Ash Prelude for solo viola 

Jan Benda – Grave G-major 

Rebeka Clarke – Sonata for Viola and Piano
                                    I. Impetuoso -

 Michael Malstrom Romance for solo viola 



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